Our Past

Founded in 1967, General Printers Ltd. (GPL) has three generations of experience and expertise as a family operated printing company in Nairobi, Kenya. From humble beginnings as a commercial printer of a number of paper-based products, GPL has, through continued innovation become a powerhouse in the manufacturing of flexible packaging within the region.

Driven by an understanding of developing market trends and needs within the African region, GPL began exploring the emerging area of flexible packaging in the mid 70’s. This lead to the world’s first flexible packaging production run on a UV offset web machine in 1978. In 1994 GPL made a decision to focus exclusively on gravure printed flexible packaging. Although this decision involved giving up 70% of it’s existing business at the time, it laid the foundation for GPL’s position in the market today as a leading provider of cutting edge flexible packaging solutions.

Furthermore, it has engrained an ideology within the company, whereby GPL strives to remain at the vanguard of trends rather than to follow from behind. Flexible packaging is the solution that is driving the success of FMCG brands in Africa, and GPL has grown to be the clear leader in the field in East and Central Africa.

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